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The 7Hz Timeless in-ear monitor

Comparing IEMs with Body Bag by I Prevail: Which One Delivers the Best Sound Quality?

7Hz Timeless in-ear monitor in an alluminium box
The 7Hz Timeless in-ear monitor


In the world of audio technology, there are a lot of different in-ear monitors (IEMs) to choose from. Each IEM has its own unique sound signature, which can make it difficult to determine which one is the best for a specific type of music. In this article, I will compare 5 different IEMs with the song “Body Bag” by I Prevail to determine which one delivers the best sound quality.


 “Body Bag” is a song by the American metalcore band I Prevail. The song features harsh and clean vocals, heavy guitar riffs, and powerful drums. It is a perfect test track for evaluating the capabilities of IEMs in terms of handling different musical elements.


Body Bag” by I Prevail is a metalcore song, a subgenre of heavy metal music that combines elements of heavy metal and punk rock. Metalcore is known for its aggressive sound, fast-paced riffs, and harsh vocals.

The Challenges in This Song:

Body Bag” by I Prevail is a challenging song for IEMs because it requires a wide range of frequencies to be produced accurately. The harsh vocals, heavy guitar riffs, and powerful drums all test the limits of an IEM’s ability to handle different musical elements. Additionally, the song features a wide dynamic range, which means that the quietest parts of the song are as important as the loudest parts.

Source Chain:

For this comparison, I used a laptop with Apple Music Lossless as the source and Topping E70 + Topping L70 as the amplifier and DAC. I also compared the 7Hz Timeless IEM on a different source chain, using an FIIO KA3 on a mobile phone, to see how it performs on a different setup.


1st Place: 7Hz Timeless

The 7Hz Timeless provides a very impressive and engaging start to Body Bag by I Prevail, with great shout and power. The gain drop is more intense with OH5 or DT600, but the rest of the song is much better with the 7Hz, as the stage is closer and the double bass is audible. The room feels bigger but the stage is closer, making the experience of listening to the song much more enjoyable. Additionally, the fading sounds in the song are amazing. The 7Hz Timeless also performs well on a different source chain (FIIO KA3 on a mobile phone) when compared to the Droplet, with a great kick drum and cymbals, building good layers and not sounding “stressed.”

2nd Place: IKKO Asgard OH5 

The IKKO Asgard OH5 provides a great impression with its drum and intense gain drop, making you feel like you’re watching the spectacle from the third row. The sound discretion is very well defined and the stage size is medium, as is the room. The OH5 provides a very controlled and defined sound experience.

3rd Place: AudioSense DT600 

The AudioSense DT600 sounds distant as if you’re sitting in row 8. The gain drop is also very intense, but OH5 still leads in this aspect. The stage is a little too far away to be fully engaging. The fading sound is audible but less so than OH5.

4th Place: IKKO Obsidian OH10 

The IKKO Obsidian OH10 sounds further away than OH5 and has a bigger room, but less impact. The sound is more aggressive and unorganized, and the gain drop is not as intense. The song Body Bag by I Prevail seems to be too much for the IKKO OH10.

5th Place: Moondrop The Droplet 

The Moondrop The Droplet has a very prominent bass that bleeds into the mids. The right gain drop is very good, and the surrounding sound impression is also good. The stage is in your head and there is low separation audible.


In conclusion, each IEM provides a unique experience when listening to Body Bag by I Prevail. The 7Hz Timeless takes the top spot for its impressive and engaging start, great double bass, and amazing fading sounds. The IKKO Asgard OH5 comes in second place for its well-defined sound discretion and controlled experience. The AudioSense DT600 comes in third place, providing a distant sound experience, while the IKKO Obsidian OH10 and Moondrop The Droplet come in fourth and fifth place, respectively. The choice of IEM ultimately comes down to personal preference and what you’re looking for in an audio experience.

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