IEM Comparison Review: Breaking Benjamin’s “So Cold” (Acoustic)

IKKO Asgard OH5 with Case

About the song: 

The genre of “So Cold“(Acoustic) by Breaking Benjamin is alternative rock with elements of acoustic rock.


As for the difficulty for a headphone or IEM in this track, it can be challenging to accurately reproduce the low-frequency sounds, such as the bass guitar and drums, as they can often be overpowering and affect the balance of the mix. Furthermore, the staging and the reproduction of the acoustic room will be very important for the listening experience. Additionally, the acoustic guitar, which is prominent in this version, may also present challenges in terms of accurately reproducing its rich timbre and dynamic range.

The Source Chain

The source chain for this IEM comparison was a laptop as the main source, connected to an FIIO KA3 DAC/AMP combo. Using a laptop for music playback can result in a limited audio experience, which is why the addition of a DAC/AMP combo is essential. The FIIO KA3 enhances the audio quality by converting the digital audio signals to analogue, as well as amplifying the signal to drive the IEMs.

The music source used was Apple Music Lossless, which is a Hi-res audio format with high-quality sound. The use of a Hi-res audio format and the DAC/AMP combination ensured that the full potential of the IEMs was realized and the listening experience was the best it could be for a portable setup. The combination of the FIIO KA3 and the IEMs created a high-quality listening experience for the IEM comparison of Breaking Benjamin’s “So Cold“(Acoustic).

1st Place: IKKO Asgard OH5

The IKKO Asgard OH5 provides an immersive experience, making it feel like you’re in the first row or even between the musicians. The room dimensions are clearly heard, adding to the overall atmosphere of the performance.

2nd Place: 7Hz Timeless

 The 7Hz Timeless IEM provides a fantastic stage and room experience, making it feel like you’re in the middle of the performance. The sound is well-balanced, providing a clear and enjoyable listening experience.

3rd Place: IKKO Obsidian OH10 

The IKKO OH10 provides a laid-back listening experience, with a feel for the room but from a bit further away. The guitar is very detailed, making it a great choice for long listening sessions.

4th Place: AudioSense DT600

The AudioSense DT600 has a smaller stage than the OH5 but still provides a clear and enjoyable listening experience. The guitar is not as pronounced as in some of the other IEMs, but the overall sound quality is still good.


In conclusion, this IEM comparison review has evaluated the sound quality of four different IEMs while listening to Breaking Benjamin’s “So Cold” (Acoustic). Each IEM has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, and the end results are a reflection of their performance in terms of reproduction of sound and immersion. The IKKO Asgard OH5 emerged as the top performer, providing an immersive experience that made it feel like you are in the first row or even between the musicians. The 7Hz Timeless IEM placed second, offering a fantastic stage and room experience that made it feel like you’re in the middle of the performance. The IKKO OH10 came in third place, providing a laid-back listening experience with a feel for the room from a bit further away. The AudioSense DT600 took fourth place, with a smaller stage but still providing a clear and enjoyable listening experience. Ultimately, the choice of IEM will come down to personal preferences and the type of music being listened to.

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