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Lost in the sound of the sunset.

IEM Song Comparison: Ranking the Best IEMs for Hotel California by Eagles

Amidst the Landscape of Contemplation: A solitary woman enjoys the serenity of the sunset and the introspective mood of "Hotel California" by the Eagles, lost in the beauty of nature and the mystery of her own thoughts.
Lost in the the sunset.


Hotel California by Eagles is a classic song that has been enjoyed by music lovers for decades. But to truly appreciate the nuances and subtleties of this masterpiece, you need a high-quality pair of in-ear monitors (IEMs). In this article, I will compare four popular IEMs to determine which ones are the best for listening to Hotel California.


Hotel California by Eagles is a timeless classic that has stood the test of time. This song is a perfect showcase for IEMs because it features a wide range of instruments and sounds. From the opening guitar riffs to the haunting vocals and intricate percussion, every element of this song is important.


Hotel California is a classic rock song that features elements of country, folk, and even a little bit of Latin music. This song is a perfect example of the creativity and diversity that can be found in rock music.

The Challenges in This Song:

The biggest challenge in this song is the complexity of the arrangement. So many different instruments and sounds need to be balanced just right. A good pair of IEMs will be able to separate each instrument and create a spacious soundstage that allows you to hear every detail of the song.

Source Chain:

For this comparison, I used a MacBook Air as the source device, along with Apple Music Lossless for high-quality audio streaming. I also used an SMSL M300 MKIII DAC to ensure that the audio quality was as high as possible.


1st place: 7Hz Timeless

The 7Hz Timeless is a fantastic pair of IEMs that really shines when listening to Hotel California. The soundstage is incredibly spacious, and each instrument is clearly separated. The bass is deep and impactful, and the high frequencies are crystal clear. The cymbals have a metallic sound that really adds to the overall experience. The guitars are wide and create a large stage that is a pleasure to listen to.

2nd place: AusioSense DT600

The AusioSense DT600 is a very detailed pair of IEMs that provides great separation of instruments. The low end is strong and punchy, while the cymbals are more in the background. The tom-toms are punchy and add to the overall rhythm of the song. The soundstage is a bit smaller than the 7Hz Timeless, but the overall sound is still very enjoyable.

3rd place: IKKO Obsidian OH10

The IKKO Obsidian OH10 is a very open-sounding pair of IEMs that provides great instrument separation. The high-hat stroke is very direct, and the stage is medium-sized with good surround sound. The impact is more in the high frequencies, and the bass is a bit less pronounced than in the previous IEMs. The overall sound is still very enjoyable, with a good balance of all frequencies.

4th place: IKKO Asgard OH5 

The IKKO Asgard OH5 has a laid-back sound with a focus on lower mids, resulting in a full and pleasing tonality. The instrument separation is decent, with a medium-sized soundstage that has good layering and staging. The voice is more upfront in the mix, and the tom-toms sound particularly good. The bass guitar is enjoyable to listen to and the sound is well-balanced overall, although it lacks the excitement and special qualities that make the other three IEMs stand out. Nonetheless, it is a high-quality IEM that delivers a pleasing and fatigue-free listening experience.


In conclusion, Hotel California by Eagles is a timeless classic that has been a favourite of music lovers for decades. Each of the IEMs tested – 7Hz Timeless, AudioSense DT600, IKKO Obsidian OH10, and IKKO Asgard OH5 – offered a unique and enjoyable listening experience. While the 7Hz Timeless emerged as the clear winner, all of the IEMs had their own strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, the choice of IEM comes down to personal preference, as each listener has different preferences when it comes to sound signature and overall sound quality. It is essential to keep in mind that the source chain used can also have an impact on the overall sound quality. Regardless of the IEM selected, Hotel California sounds fantastic on all four IEMs tested, and it is worth taking the time to experience this classic track on a quality set of IEMs.

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