You are currently viewing “The Heresy” Song Listening Comparison: AudioSense DT600, IKKO OH10, IKKO OH5, 7Hz Timeless, Moondrop Droplet, and Hifiman HE1000v2 Stealth
Experience High-End Sound with the Hifiman HE1000v2 Stealth Headphone

“The Heresy” Song Listening Comparison: AudioSense DT600, IKKO OH10, IKKO OH5, 7Hz Timeless, Moondrop Droplet, and Hifiman HE1000v2 Stealth

Four affordable in-ear monitors (IEMs) with the AudioSense DT600 in focus.
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I will give you my sound impression of the song “The Heresy” by Mushroomhead with different IEMs. It is a Nu-Metal and Alternative Metal song. The style is characterized by a heavy and aggressive sound, with prominent distorted guitar riffs, and a mix of clean and screamed vocals.

Difficulties for headphones in this song: 

Playing this song on headphones or IEMs can be challenging due to the high levels of bass and low-end frequencies in the song. This can put a strain on the drivers, and cause distortion or muffled sound, especially in budget headphones or IEMs. Additionally, the dynamic range and intensity of the song can be difficult for headphones to accurately reproduce, leading to a lack of clarity and detail in the sound. 

Here is my rating:

1st position: AudioSense DT600 

The AudioSense DT600 has exceeded my expectations with its remarkable sound quality. The soundstage is spacious and provides a sense of openness, while still retaining definition and intimacy. Female vocals are especially impressive, with a clear and defined presentation. The male and female vocals blend together beautifully, creating a rich and full sound. The instruments are well-defined, each with its own space in the mix, and the sound drops are impactful and fill the room with a satisfying bass. The drum start is particularly impressive, with a strong and powerful impact that fills the room. Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with the DT600 and would highly recommend it to anyone seeking a great audio experience.

2nd position: IKKO Obsidian OH10

The IKKO OH10 delivers a standout performance in its drum cymbals and piano presentation, offering a distinct and prominent sound. The vocals may not be as forward as the DT600, but the OH10’s added layering and dynamic sound make up for it. This headphone is geared towards those who appreciate the power of drum sounds and may prefer a more laid-back vocal presentation. The OH10 has more audible instruments and can be a great choice for those who enjoy a more layered and dance-inducing sound

3rd position: IKKO Asgard OH5

The IKKO OH5 boasts a spacious soundstage with a strong emphasis on the low frequencies of the drum. While the piano and female vocals have lovely layering, the overpowering bass drum bleeds into the mids, creating an overwhelming experience. The intense male voice and tom-toms also add to the low-end intensity, making EQ adjustments necessary for a more balanced sound. Without the bass drum, the OH5 shines with its spacious sound and intricate layering.

4th position: 7Hz Timeless

The 7Hz Timeless has a spacious start, but it initially sounds a little thin. The vocals and piano appear to be more distant, with a strong sense of reverb. Unfortunately, the Timeless emphasizes too many low frequencies in this particular song, causing a bass-heavy sound. The male vocals blend well with the tom-toms, and the low bass doesn’t bleed as much into the mids compared to the OH5, but it’s still present and close to clipping. Despite these limitations, the 7Hz Timeless still holds its own, coming close to the OH5, OH10, and DT600.

5th position: Moondrop Droplet 

The Moondrop Droplet is a decent IEM with its spacious soundstage. However, it has some drawbacks in its sound quality. The low frequencies tend to bleed into the low mid frequencies, resulting in a slightly muddled sound. While still enjoyable to listen to, the Droplet falls short when compared to other IEMs in terms of detail and clarity in the sound. Despite this, it still provides a pleasurable listening experience without the need for an A-B comparison.

Hifiman HE1000v2 Stealth

Hifiman HE1000v2 Stealth Headphone with Topping E70, Topping L70 and SMSL M500 MKIII in the background
Experience High-End Sound with the Hifiman HE1000v2 Stealth Headphone

Out of competition, I was running the Hifiman HE1000v2 Stealth (HE1000v3 ?) with this song on the Topping E70 & L70. The Hifiman HE1000v2 Stealth (or HE1000v3) is my audiophile end game with such an amazing sound experience. The planar magnetic headphone stood easily out from this unfair comparison. Hifiman’s spacious and dynamic sound, impactful drums, and beautiful piano layering behind the vocals make it an audiophile pleasure. The audible room is wide and full of details, making every instrument and layer ‘visible’. The drum and guitar sounds were exceptional and very well-positioned. In this test, I paired the Hifiman HE1000v2 Stealth (or HE1000v3) with the Topping E70 DAC and Topping L70 Amplifier which generate a beautiful large stage with the Hifiman HE1000v2 Stealth

Further details:

For all the above-mentioned IEMs, besides the Moondrop Droplet, I used the same source chain (Topping E70 & L70) for comparison.

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