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Elevate your coffee game with precision tools and the Beanconqueror app, your ultimate companion for tracking and perfecting the art of coffee brewing.

Mastering Coffee Tracking with Beanconqueror

or “A Nerd’s Brewing Journey.

A collection of coffee brewing equipment including a hand grinder, a scale, an Aeropress, and a kettle, with a focus on tracking using the Beanconqueror app.
Elevate your coffee game with precision tools and the Beanconqueror app, your ultimate companion for tracking and perfecting the art of coffee brewing.


As a self-proclaimed coffee nerd, I’ve been using the Beanconqueror app since August 2022 to track every single coffee I drink. I’m thrilled to have discovered this app via a coffee forum, and I appreciate its open-source approach. From Aeropress coffee with standard or espresso filters to V60 coffee, I meticulously log every grind setting on my Timemore Chestnut X, even for my “bad work beans” at work or outside coffee and hotel coffee. During vacation I also use it to track the coffee I have with me, to not run out of energy. 🙂 In this blog post, I share why I love Beanconqueror, what I’d like to see in the future, and how it has changed my coffee experience.

Why I love Beanconqueror

Beanconqueror allows me to document various brewing parameters such as temperature, grind, age of beans, amount of water, and flavour. The app’s customization options allow me to track different brewing methods, beans and grinds. I can also view statistics about my coffee consumption, such as the amount spent and the total weight of beans used. This level of detail helps me refine my brewing techniques and get consistently great coffee.

Bean Tracking and Expenses

Beanconqueror allows me to track the beans I use, their age, and even how much I spend on them. Within one year, I’ve logged more than 1750 brews and while I am writing this Nerd’s Brewing Journey, I still have 765g of beans at home and haven’t had a coffee in 23 minutes! What I “miss” about Beanconqueror is that it doesn’t tell me when is the ideal time for me to brew another one 🙂

Smart Devices Integration

Beanconqueror is compatible with a range of Bluetooth scales, pressure and temperature measurement devices, such as Decent Scale, DiFluid scale, Acaia Scales, Felicita Scales, Hiroia Jimmy, Eureka Precisa, Skale2, Smart Espresso Profiler, Pressensor and thermometers from ETI Ltd (ThermaQ Blue, BlueTherm, etc.). Although I don’t currently use Bluetooth scales or pressure gauges, the app’s compatibility with these devices offers even more ways to refine my brewing process.

How Beanconqueror has changed my coffee experience

Beanconqueror has been a game-changer in my coffee routine, delivering a range of benefits that have transformed my daily brews:

  •  Improved bean awareness: Beanconqueror’s meticulous tracking of bean consumption has made me acutely aware of my coffee bean usage. I can now manage my costs efficiently and ensure I never run out of my favourite beans unexpectedly.
  •     Saying Goodbye to Paper Tracking: With Beanconqueror, the days of cluttered paper tracking sheets are over. This app has digitized and simplified the tracking process, making my coffee space neater and more organized.
  •  Preserving excellence and encouraging creativity: Beanconqueror not only helps me save and replicate my best brews, ensuring consistency but also encourages me to experiment with new recipes and techniques, adding excitement and innovation to my coffee journey.
  •  In-Depth Brewing Insights: Beanconqueror provides me with detailed statistics and insights about my coffee consumption. It helps me understand my brewing patterns, preferences, and the effects of various parameters on the final cup, empowering me to become a better home barista.

What I’d Like to See in the Future

While Beanconqueror already offers a comprehensive feature set, there are a few additions I’d like to see:

  • Editing the date: I would like the option to change the date of a brew after it has been added, as I sometimes forget to log my brew on the same day. I learned that you can activate this within the APP 🙂
  • A function to mark a brew as prepared for somebody else: I would like to have a selection of my own brews or brews for others, or not have brews for others in my statistics.
  • Coffee art photo integration: I would like to take a photo of the beautiful coffee art that sometimes accompanies my brews at home or in some coffee shops, and attach it to the appropriate entry in the app.

Let me know, if I missed one of these functions in the App (currently I am using it in version 6.6.2) or let me know what you are interested in in the future on Instagram

Support for the Beanconqueror team

I love that Beanconqueror is an open-source project, which means that anyone can contribute to its development and improvement. To support the team behind this fantastic app, you can buy them a coffee at the bottom of the homepage. Their vision is to create a community-oriented platform that allows coffee enthusiasts to discover, learn, and share their passion for coffee.


Beanconqueror has been an invaluable tool in my coffee journey, allowing me to track, analyze and refine my brewing process. As a coffee lover, I highly recommend trying this great and free app to anyone looking to improve their coffee experience and gain a deeper understanding of the factors that contribute to a perfect cup. I will also start soon to log my coffees with my Lelit espresso machine and Eureka Specialita grinder. Therefore, I am looking forward to improving my brews further by using Beanconqueror. 

I’d love to connect with you on Instagram and hear about your experiences and ideas.

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