New Instagram Account is now live!

After using Flickr for some time and not running an Instagram account very frequently, I decided to change this and I started a new Instagram account. Therefore, you can now find my posts here:

First I am going to use some of my older posts from Flickr and Later I am going to upload some new contend to

At the moment, I am uploading always three images with same color scheme, or same/similar topic, to build this new Instagram account. The idea behind is, to have some sort of triple memory game and to establish an arresting account.

Frederic Konkel


My name is Frederic B. Konkel and to capture interior and architectural photography is a big passion of mine. I'm currently based in Berlin, Germany. I love to explore new places and I'm using my cameras to document these moments. On F.B.K. Photography I showcase a few impressions of my captured moments from around the world.