flickr: Images captured in Japan

These images are all captured in Japan between 2015 and 2017 and are part of my flickr page. More images will be uploaded soon.


These pictures can also be found here: flickr

Tumblr: Explore the world in vending machines is online


A new tumblr about vending machines from all over the world can be found at

A scaled copy of the new tumblr blog is shown on

All shown images are captured by myself, unless otherwise stated.

The first posts are images from vending machines in Japan. Therefore, several vending machines from all over Japan will be uploaded, including vending machines for drinks (hot and cold), soup, nattō (fermented soy beans), other food, batteries, condoms, cigarettes and much more …

If you see an interesting vending machine anywhere in the world, you can submit a picture via the submit form. Thanks!

Static time lapse – Using 366 photographs to illustrate a time lapse as a single image.

This image of the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyois is based on 366 single exposures from a time laps capture of 1.5 hours.

Final image

The main idea behind this image is to illustrate a full 1.5h captured time lapse in one single image. In this example the final image contains 366 single exposures.

To generate the above image the 366 exposures from the beginning of the time lapse (golden hour, left side) to the end of the time lapse (end of blue hour, right side) were averaged.
To calculate a smooth image with these 366 captures an own developed algorithm was used. This algorithm uses the image information of several images to generate a smart rendered result. The direct outcome of this algorithm can be seen here:

366 averaged images

Result of the 366 smart averaged images

To generate the final static time lapse image (first picture) the city lights from the last captured image of the time lapse sequence were added. The Rainbow Bridge Time Lapse sequence is one of several time lapse of the YouTube Channel.