New pictures for my portfolio.

New pictures are available in my portfolio. You can find them under Landscape and Cityscapes within my Portfolio.

You can see the full capture here or in my Portfolio.

Feel free to get in contact, if you have any questions concerning a location or technical details of the captures. You can reach me via the contact form or via Instagram.

flickr: Images captured in Canada

These images are all captured in Canada and are part of my flickr page. More images will be uploaded on a regular basis.


These pictures can also be found here: flickr



Capturing Stunning Rainbow Photos with a Circular Polarizer Filter

GIF animation of a rainbow with a circular polarizer filter being rotated to show the effect on the colors of the rainbow.

The main effect of using a circular polarizer filter while capturing a rainbow can be seen in the following animation: Capturing Stunning Rainbow Photos with a Circular Polarizer Filter Rainbow photography is a beautiful and challenging form of photography that requires a combination of good luck, proper camera settings, and the right equipment. One essential tool that can help you capture vibrant and stunning rainbow images is a circular polarizer filter. A polarizer filter works…

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