Comparing IEMs for Hoizer’s Take Me To Church: A Sound Analysis

Four In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) lined up on a grey surface: IKKO Asgard OH5, IKKO Obsidian OH10, 7Hz Timeless, and AudioSense DT600

Song:  Take Me To Church by Hoizer Genre: Alternative, Indie-Pop  The Challenges in This Song:  The song features a complex arrangement of vocals, piano, and drums, making it challenging for IEMs to deliver clear and balanced sound across all frequencies. Source Chain:  The song was listened to using Apple Music’s lossless format from a laptop and was powered by a DAC/AMP from SMSL M300 MKIII. Comparison: 1st Place: IKKO Asgard OH5  The IKKO Asgard OH5…

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