2023’s Top Ultra-Wide Angle Lenses for Sony APS-C Cameras: A Comprehensive Guide

An image of Hackescher Markt in Berlin from an upward perspective, captured with a fish eye lens and correction.

Are you a landscape or cityscape photographer looking to expand your lens collection? Then you might want to consider an ultra-wide-angle lens for your Sony APS-C camera. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about ultra-wide-angle lenses and how they can enhance your photography. What is a Wide-Angle Lens and What is Called an Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens? When it comes to wide-angle lenses, the human eye is associated with a full-frame focal length of 50mm. For the APS-C sensor size, it…

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Taipei: Monkey Mountain Sunset Time-Lapse

You are rarely alone in Taipei. The city is filled to the brink with temples and their worshipers, with hectic business people, shoppers, and  aimless tourists. Add to this the tantalizing smells and sounds of the many night markets and the never ending lines of motorcycles and Taipei emerges as a city of boundless opportunities and adventure. Neither are you alone on Elephant mountain, the most famous viewpoint of Taipei, particularly during a beautiful sunset. I joined the dozens of spectators on a warm evening in November. Looking at the city from a bird’s perspective made all of Taipei’s hustle recede into the background. As the last rays of sun pierced the Taipei 101 tower, the city transformed into an almost serene image. I took the photo with my APS-C 16mm F1.4 lens and it is composed out of three images from a captured time laps during this sunset. While this place was very crowded I took the picture series without tripod, but I was able to use the railing of the platform.

flickr: Images captured in Taiwan

These images are all captured in Taiwan in 2018 and are part of my flickr page. More images will be uploaded soon.


These pictures can also be found here: flickr