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My name is Frederic B. Konkel, and I am the passionate photographer behind these images and stories. I share with you the true essence of my experiences living and travelling in different parts of the world. After living several years in Canada and China, I am currently again living in Berlin.

Each post on this website – from the quiet moments at dawn to the bustling energy of a city at dusk – is a personal investment. I immerse myself in the world with my camera, fund my own travel and photography gear, and ensure that what you see is unfiltered and genuine, free from paid advertising or affiliate influence. My dedication to mastering the technical parameters of photography enriches every visual story I create, ensuring that each moment is authentically and artistically preserved.

Explore my blog posts, where you’ll find a variety of topics ranging from landscape and cityscape photography to travel experiences. Every photo tells a story, and every tip comes from my own experience. Discover places that awaken your wanderlust, learn photography techniques honed over years of practice, and immerse yourself in the authentic experiences I’ve created to share.

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