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Experience great sound quality with the Simgot EA500 in-ear headphones

Simgot EA500 Review: Audiophile’s Affordable In-Ear Monitors

or Simgot EA500 great sound quality to an affordable price.

Simgot EA500 in-ear headphone
Experience great sound quality with the Simgot EA500 in-ear headphones


As an audiophile, I’m always on the lookout for high-quality IEMs that offer great sound and value for money. Recently, I came across the Simgot EA500, which has been generating quite a buzz in the audio community. In this review, I’ll share my experience with these IEMs, focusing on their sound signature, separation, and great tuning. I purchased the Simgot EA500 for around 50 to 55 Euros during a sale in China.

As always, all the products I discuss are purchased with my own money, and there is no sponsored content in this review. My opinions are based on my personal experiences and listening habits. If you’re curious about my listening habits, you can read more about them in my blog post (My Ultimate Guide to Affordable In-Ear Monitors),´ or check out my Heavy Testlist on Apple Music.

Package and Comfort

The Simgot EA500 comes with a detachable 0.78mm SPC cable, a carrying case, and various ear tips to ensure a comfortable fit. The polished alloy shells may be prone to smudging, but their premium construction and comfortable fit make up for it. I mainly use the red nozzle, which provides a sound signature that I find very enjoyable.

Source Chain

I use the Simgot EA500 with a FiiO KA3 on my Android phone or a Topping E70 and Topping L70 combo on my laptop, both connected to Apple Music lossless. The IEMs perform well during my commute and require more power to drive than my Audiosense DT600.

Sound Quality


The Simgot EA500 has engaging, bass that is slightly boosted above neutral. It’s well-defined and full-bodied, never intruding or smothering the mids and highs. The sub-bass and mid-bass are balanced linearly, resulting in a natural weight and effortless transition between the two. The bass is cleaner than my Audiosense DT600, with less low-frequency energy. It is definitely not punchy and nothing for bass heads. Overall, I would say the low frequencies are the weakest point of the EA500, even though it is always well-controlled and by no means bad.


The midrange is clean and clear, allowing vocals and instruments to shine through without being overshadowed by the bass. The EA500’s tuning filters provide versatility, allowing users to customize their sound signature to their preferences.


The treble is energetic and somewhat sparkly, with good extension for a dynamic driver in this price range. It can be perceived as giving a great positioning and great airynes. Due to the recessed low-frequency impact of the EA500, the overall tuning is somewhat treble and mid-range forward.  

Separation, Stage, and Layering

The Simgot EA500 excels in separation, stage, and layering, providing a spacious and immersive soundstage. The separation is particularly impressive, allowing each instrument and vocal to be easily distinguished, even in complex mixes. The stage is expansive, making the music feel alive and vibrant. Layering is also well-executed, giving depth and dimension to the sound. The detailed presentation of the EA500 is one of its standout features, making it a great value for the money.

Comparison to Audiosense DT600 

The Audiosense DT600 is more technical than the Simgot EA500, with better imaging, and separation on a much smaller stage. However, the timbre is better on the EA500, and the bass is more tonally correct.

Comparison to Juzear 51T (Custom Version)

The custom Juzear 51T is a highly customizable in-ear monitor (IEM) that offers impressive sound quality and a unique design. With its one carbon composite dome dynamic driver (DD) and 5 balanced armatures (BA) configuration, the 51T provides a wide soundstage, excellent layering, and impactful bass. The custom Juzear 51T is more fun and has more punch without being a bass head IEM, while the original 51T had too much low-frequency energy for me. In comparison, the Simgot EA500 has a little cleaner treble region, but the custom Juzear 51T with -2dB in the low frequencies hits a sweet spot for my music library and Heavy-Testlist for short and intensive listening sessions.

Ear Tip and Cable Upgrade

I found that the SpinFit CP100+ ear tips work very well with the Simgot EA500, providing a secure fit and supreme comfort. In addition, the Spinfit CP100+ give me a slightly bigger low-frequency impact with the EA500s. I also upgraded the cable to a modular and thicker version, which offers a 4.4mm balanced plug and a 3.5mm plug for ‘normal’ situations. 


In conclusion, the Simgot EA500 is a fantastic choice for those seeking a high-quality, yet affordable in-ear monitor. With its excellent sound signature, separation, and great tuning, it offers an enjoyable listening experience that rivals more expensive IEMs. The detailed presentation of the EA500 is one of its standout features, making it a great value for the money. Thus, for less than 100 Euros, you will get a very good-sounding IEM that makes it enjoyable to listen to spacious recordings with a lot of details. 

Let me know on Instagram if you have tried the Simgot EA500 already, or what your thoughts about the different IEMs are. You can also find more audio reviews in my separate section of this homepage.

I will also soon include the Simgot EA500 in some IEM song comparisons, here is a list with the latest ABC comparison I did.

The review of my custom Juzear 51T can be found here, and soon I will upload my review of a new development by Juzear.

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