Nanjing Annual Card: 52 Scenic Spots for 260 Yuan

Nanjing Xuanwu Lake view with the InterContinental building in the background, captured from a low angle. The picture shows the pattern in the water from the waves and the branches of a green tree on top of the frame. The blue sky and clouds in the background (@10mm).
Serene view of Xuanwu Lake with tree branches and InterContinental Building in the background (@10mm).

The city of Nanjing has been a popular destination for tourists all over the world for many years. With an abundance of cultural, historical, and natural sites, it is no wonder why people flock to the city every year. To make the experience even more convenient and affordable, the 2023 Nanjing Tourism Park Annual Card (南京市旅游游园年卡) has been released, which allows visitors to visit 52 scenic spots for only 260 yuan.

Explore popular attractions like Ming Xiaoling Scenic AreaLinggu Temple Scenic Area, Music Terrace Scenic Area, and the Presidential Palace.

Get up close with animals at Red Mountain Forest Zoo, take in stunning views of Yanziji Park, and relax at Pearl Spring Tourist Resort. Discover history at Nanjing City Wall Scenic Area and the City Museum, or appreciate art at the Pearl Spring Famous Stone Art Museum, Gong Xian Memorial Hall, Li Jianchen Art Museum, and Wei Zixi Art Museum.

Here are all the 52 attractions that are included:

  1. Ming Xiaoling Scenic Area (明孝陵景区) – This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the burial place of the first Ming Emperor, Zhu Yuanzhang. Visitors can admire the grand architecture of the tomb and explore the beautiful surrounding scenery.
  2. Linggu Temple Scenic Area (灵谷寺景区) – This complex houses the Linggu Pagoda, which offers breathtaking views of Nanjing, as well as a variety of halls and temples with intricate carvings and paintings.
  3. Music Terrace Scenic Area (音乐台景区) – This park is dedicated to music and features a variety of sculptures, murals, and interactive exhibits related to different genres and eras of music.
  4. Da Jie En Temple Site Scenic Area (大报恩寺遗址景区) – This is the site of a temple complex that was destroyed during the Taiping Rebellion but still boasts impressive stone carvings and sculptures.
  5. Presidential Palace (总统府) – This former presidential palace now serves as a museum dedicated to the history of the Republic of China, and contains a wide variety of exhibits and artefacts.
  6. Red Mountain Forest Zoo (红山森林动物园) – This sprawling zoo is home to over 200 species of animals, including rare and endangered species from around the world.
  7. Yanziji Park (燕子矶公园) – This park offers beautiful views of the city, as well as numerous pavilions and pagodas that are perfect for relaxation and sightseeing.
  8. Pearl Spring Tourist Resort (珍珠泉旅游度假区) – This resort offers a variety of attractions, including a golf course, hot springs, and a lake surrounded by beautiful scenery.
  9. Nanjing City Wall Scenic Area (China Gate Section) (南京城墙景区(中华门段)) – This well-preserved section of the city wall offers a glimpse into the history and architecture of ancient Nanjing, as well as beautiful views of the surrounding area.
  10. Reading River Tower Scenic Area (阅江楼景区) – This tower offers panoramic views of the Yangtze River and the surrounding city, as well as exhibits on the tower’s history and architecture.
  11. (Ming Culture Village) Yangshan Stele Material ((明文化村)阳山碑材) – This is a quarry where the famous Yangshan Steles were carved, and visitors can learn about the history and techniques of stone carving.
  12. Tangshan Ancient Ape Man Cave (汤山古猿人洞) – This cave complex contains fossils and artefacts related to the Tangshan Ape Man, a species of extinct hominid that lived in the area around 2 million years ago.
  13. Zhangyuan (瞻园) – This classical garden is a peaceful retreat from the bustling city, and features beautiful landscaping, architecture, and cultural relics.
  14. Nanjing City Wall Scenic Area (Taicheng section) (南京城墙景区(台城段)) – This section of the city wall offers a unique view of the city, with a variety of towers and gates to explore.
  15. City Museum (市博物馆) – This museum features exhibits on the history and culture of Nanjing, with a focus on the city’s role as the capital of multiple dynasties.
  16. City Folklore Museum (市民俗博物馆) – This museum offers a glimpse into the daily life and customs of Nanjing’s residents, with exhibits on everything from traditional crafts to festivals and rituals.
  17. Nanjing Treasure Shipyard Ruins Scenic Area (南京宝船厂遗址景区) – This site contains the ruins of a massive treasure shipyard that was built during the Ming Dynasty and offers a fascinating look at ancient shipbuilding techniques.
  18. Jinniu Lake Scenic Area (金牛湖风景区) – This park offers a variety of outdoor activities, including boating, fishing, and hiking, as well as beautiful views of the lake and surrounding hills.
  19. Pearl Spring Famous Stone Art Museum (珍珠泉名石艺术馆) – This museum houses a collection of stone carvings and sculptures from around the world, as well as a variety of interactive exhibits and workshops.
  20. Gong Xian Memorial Hall (龚贤纪念馆) – This museum showcases the life and works of Gong Xian, a renowned painter from the Qing Dynasty.
  21. Li Jianchen Art Museum (李剑晨艺术馆) – This art museum features a collection of works by the modern artist Li Jianchen, including paintings and sculptures.
  22. Wei Zixi Art Museum (魏紫熙艺术馆) – This museum is dedicated to the life and works of Wei Zixi, a famous painter and calligrapher.
  23. White Horse Stone Carving Park (白马石刻公园) – This park features a collection of stone carvings from the Southern Dynasty period, as well as beautiful natural scenery.
  24. Zhongshan Botanical Garden (中山植物园) – This botanical garden is home to a wide variety of plants from all over the world, including many rare and endangered species.
  25. Zhou Yuan (excluding Zhou Village) (周园(不含周村)) – This scenic area features beautiful gardens, pavilions, and other traditional Chinese architecture.
  26. Gaochun Wenfeng Pagoda (高淳文峰塔) – This ancient pagoda is a landmark of Gaochun, and offers great views of the surrounding area.
  27. Purple Mountain Observatory (紫金山天文台) – This observatory is one of the largest and most important in China, and is open to the public for tours and stargazing.
  28. Yangtze River Goddess of Mercy Scenic Area (长江观音景区 ) – This scenic area features a statue of the Goddess of Mercy, as well as beautiful views of the Yangtze River.
  29. Dajinshan Mountain Scenic Area (大金山风景区) – This scenic area features beautiful natural scenery, including mountains, waterfalls, and forests.
  30. PiLu Temple (毗卢寺) This temple is one of the oldest and most important in Nanjing and is a great place to learn about the history of Buddhism in China.
  31. Tianshengqiao Scenic Area (天生桥景区) – This scenic area features a natural bridge formed by the river, as well as beautiful waterfalls and pools.
  32. Nanjing Meiling Palace (南京美龄宫) – This palace was once the home of Soong Mei-ling, the wife of Chinese leader Chiang Kai-shek, and features beautiful gardens and architecture.
  33. Jiangning Weaving Museum (江宁织造博物馆) – This museum showcases the history and techniques of traditional Chinese weaving, including silk production and embroidery.
  34. Nanjing Laoshan National Forest Park (南京老山国家森林公园) – This park is a great place to escape the city and enjoy nature, with hiking trails, waterfalls, and scenic vistas.
  35. Dharma Cave Scenic Area (达摩古洞景区) – This scenic area features a network of caves that were once used by Buddhist monks for meditation and worship. 
  36. Six Dynasties Museum (六朝博物馆) – Explore the history and culture of the Six Dynasties period in Chinese history at this museum located in Nanjing. 
  37. Nanjing Yunyu Valley Tourist Area (南京云幽谷旅游区) – Enjoy lush greenery and beautiful waterfalls in this scenic area located in the Qinhuai district of Nanjing. 
  38. National Defense Education Museum (国防教育馆) – Learn about China’s national defence education at this museum located in the Xuanwu district of Nanjing. 
  39. Nanjing Wancheng Ecological Park (南京万成生态园) – Visit this large ecological park with a variety of natural and cultural attractions, located in the Pukou district of Nanjing. 
  40. Jiangsu Jiangning Tangshan Fangshan National Geological Park Museum (江苏江宁汤山方山国家地质公园博物馆) – Explore unique rock formations at this geological park and museum located in the Jiangning district of Nanjing. 
  41. Gucheng Lake Water Slow City (固城湖水慢城) – Relax by a large lake and admire the ancient architecture in this scenic area located in the Jiangning district of Nanjing. 
  42. Wang Xie Former Residence Exhibition Hall (王谢故居展览馆) – Visit this museum dedicated to the life and works of the poets’ Wang Bo and Xie Lingyun, located in the Jianye district of Nanjing. 
  43. Li Xiangjun Former Residence Exhibition Hall (李香君故居陈列馆) – Learn about the life of Li Xiangjun, a famous courtesan and poet during the Ming dynasty, at this museum located in the Qinhuai district of Nanjing. 
  44. Guizi Mountain Stone Pillar Forest (桂子山石柱林) – See a unique forest of stone pillars in this scenic area located in the Gaochun district of Nanjing. 
  45. Former Residence of Qin Dashi (秦大士故居) – Visit the historic residence of the scholar and calligrapher Qin Dashi, located in the Gulou district of Nanjing. 
  46. Mustard Seed Garden (芥子园) – Appreciate the beautiful scenery and historic buildings of this classical Chinese garden located in the Jiangning district of Nanjing.
  47. No Thought Mountain Scenic Area (无想山景区) – Enjoy mountain views and hiking trails at this scenic area located in the Lishui district of Nanjing. 
  48. Guo Xing Manor (郭兴庄园) – Admire the beautiful architecture and gardens of this historic mansion located in the Jiangning district of Nanjing. 
  49. Tangshan Jin Wu Ge (汤山金乌阁) – Take in the beautiful views of Tangshan and Nanjing from this historic tower located in the Jiangning district of Nanjing. 
  50. Nanjing Yeshan National Mine Park (南京冶山国家矿山公园) – Explore a historic mine and park with a variety of attractions at this location in the Yuhua district of Nanjing.
  51. Nanjing Pingshan Forest Park (南京平山森林公园) – Immerse yourself in nature at this expansive forest park located in the Xuanwu district of Nanjing. Enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including hiking trails, picnic areas, and scenic lookouts.
  52. Jinling Stone Appreciation Art Museum (金陵赏石艺术馆) – Discover the art of stone appreciation at this museum in the Qinhuai district of Nanjing. The museum showcases a fascinating collection of rare and unique stones, with expert guides on hand to help visitors appreciate their beauty and significance.

As a resident of Nanjing, I have found the Nanjing Annual Card to be an excellent value. Not only does it save me money, but it also makes exploring the city’s many attractions much more convenient. I highly recommend this card to anyone who plans to visit Nanjing multiple times or is interested in seeing as much of the city as possible. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to see all that Nanjing has to offer! I purchased my card here in the citizen’s bureau with my passport (Link of the location from inside China).

Let me know if you are using the Nanjing annual card and what are your experiences with it on Instagram

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