Captivating Sunset over Ice-covered Polson Pier, Toronto

Sunset at Ice Polson Pier in Toronto, with the cityscape in the background and orange and pink hues in the sky.

Serene sunset at Toronto’s Ice Polson Pier, capturing the beauty of nature’s canvas as a Cityscape”

The photo captures the stunning beauty of a sunset at Toronto’s Polson Pier. The orange and pink hues illuminate the ice on the pier, creating a breathtaking scene. To capture this magnificent moment, I used a combination of tools, including Google Maps, Google Earth, and PhotoEphemeris, to plan and find the perfect location and time to take the photo. These tools provided valuable information on the sun’s position, direction, and movement, allowing me to find the ideal spot for their shot. The result is a stunning image that showcases the beauty of a sunset and the power of careful planning and preparation.